W1: Bioinspired and Evolutionary Computation based Data Mining Techniques
    María José del Jesus (University of Jaen, Spain)
    José A. Gámez (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain)
    José M. Puerta (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain)

W2: Consensus and Decision Making
    Enrique Herrera-Viedma (University of Granada, Spain)
    José Luis García-Lapresta (University of Valladolid, Spain) 

W3: Educational Data Mining
    Mykola Pechenizkiy (UTechnical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
    Sebastián Ventura (University of Córdoba, Spain)
    Cristobal Romero (University of Córdoba, Spain)

W4: Evolutionary Algorithms and other Metaheuristics for Continuous Optimization Problems --- A Scalability Test
    Francisco Herrera (University de Granada, Spain)
    Manuel Lozano (University de Granada, Spain)

W5: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization—Design and Applications (EMODA)
    Crina Grosan (Babes-Bolya Univestity, Romania)
    Ajith Abraham (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

W6: Genetic Fuzzy Systems: Design and Applications
    Rafael Alcalá (University of Granada, Spain) 
    Pietro Ducange (University of Pisa, Italy)
    Yusuke Nojima (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan)

W7: Hybrid Learning for Artificial Neural Networks: Architectures and Applications
    César Hervás (University of Córdoba, Spain)
    Juan Carlos Fernandez (University of Córdoba, Spain)
    Pedro Antonio Gutiérrez (University of Córdoba, Spain)

W8: Hybrid Metaheuristics and Their Applications
    Pedro Isasi (University Carlos III, Spain)

W9: Intelligent Image Processing and Artificial Vision
    Sergio Damas (European Centre for Soft Computing, Spain)
    Angel Sánchez (University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
    José Santamaría (University of Jaen, Spain)
    Gerald Schaefer (Loughborough University, U.K)

W10: Intelligent Systems and Data Mining Techniques for Bioinformatics
    Alicia Troncoso (University of Seville, Spain)
    Raúl Giráldez (University of Seville, Spain)
    Roberto Ruiz (University of Seville, Spain)

W11:  Intelligent Systems for Data Reduction
    Salvador García López (University of Jaen, Spain)
    José Manuel Benítez Sánchez (University of Granada)

W12: Nature Inspired Models for Industrial Applications
    Emilio Corchado (University of Burgos, Spain)
    Dominik Slezak (University of Regina, Canada)
    Ajith Abraham (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

W13: Neural Networks and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
    Luis Javier Herrera (University of Granada, Spain) 
    Héctor Pomares Cintas (University of Granada, Spain) 
    Ignacio Rojas Ruiz (University of Granada, Spain) 

W14: Rough sets and Intelligent Systems
    Chris Cornelis (Ghent University, Belgium)
    Richard Jensen (Aberystwyth University, UK)

W15: Soft Computing and Image Processing

    Humberto Bustince (Universidad Pública de Navarra)
    Miguel Pagola (Universidad Pública de Navarra)
    Edurne Barrenechea (Universidad Pública de Navarra)
    Pedro Melo-Pinto (Universidade Tras os Montes e Alto Douro)
    Pedro Couto (Universidade Tras os Montes e Alto Douro)

W16: Soft Computing for Recommender Systems
    Chris Cornelis (Ghent University, Belgium)
    Enrique Herrera-Viedma (University of Granada, Spain)
    Germán Hurtado (Hogeschool Gent, Belgium)
    Carlos Porcel (University of Jaen, Spain)
    Patricia Víctor (Ghent University Belgium)

W17: Soft Computing in Intelligent Agents and Web Technologies
    E. Herrera-Viedma (University of Granada, Spain)
    Vincenzo Loia (University of Salerno, Italy)

W18: Staistical and Computational Intelligence Techniques for Time Series Modeling and Forecasting
    José Manuel Benítez Sánchez (University of Granada)
    Marcelo Cunha Medeiros (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)

Call for workshop
Proposals for holding one and two day work­shops that will complement the main confer­ence are solicited from interested individuals (or group of individuals). The intended workshops should fall within the scope of ISDA'09, and should include at least 8 related papers.
All accepted papers will be included in the ISDA'09 conference proceedings.
Researchers and practi­tioners wishing to organize workshops should submit proposals in plain text or pdf-format. Proposals should be written explicitly with the following information:

  • Workshop Title
  • Duration of the Workshop
  • A Technical Description of the Workshop Topic area
  • A Brief Statement of the Relevance of the proposed Workshop to ISDA'09
  • Composition of the Organizing Committee

The proposals will be evaluated by the Workshop Chair of ISDA'09. The information about the accepted work­shops will be included in the IDSA'09 web site as well as links to the call for papers and call for participation. Please submit your proposals to the workshop chair Jose Manuel Benitez Sanchez at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Important Dates

Proposal submission: April 15, 2009
Acceptance notification: April 30, 2009